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What situations require interpretation services?    

Examples of situations requiring interpretation services are conferences, focus group sessions, tour visits and press conferences.

Conference interpreting
Conference interpreting refers to interpreting for a conference, usually in simultaneous mode. The language pairs with the highest demand in our market are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Focus group interpreting
Market research usually involves focus group sessions which allow companies to understand their consumers’ tastes and preferences. Focus group sessions are less formal, and involve interaction between a moderator and the participants discussing their experience from using a product. For organizations such as Multi-National Corporations, such focus group sessions could possibly involve consumers from a foreign country whose language they do not understand. Thus, they would require an interpreter for these focus group sessions.
Focus group interpreting also involves an interpreter sitting in a soundproof booth with the clients. There would normally be a one-way mirror between the interpreter and the participants of the focus groups, where only the interpreter would be able to observe the participants.
During the focus group session, the interpreter listens to the conversations through headphones and simultaneously interprets what is spoken by participants. As there are about 2-12 participants in focus groups, skilled interpreters will not only interpret phrases and meanings of what is spoken, but also interpret the tone, intonation, speech patterns and emotions of the participants.

Escort interpreting (Visiting Client in Different Locations)
Escort interpreting involves an interpreter accompanying an individual or a group on a tour visit, or to a meeting. This form of interpreting is also known as liaison interpreting.

Media interpreting (Press Conference)
Given the nature of media interpreting, it needs to be conducted in the simultaneous mode. Media interpreting is needed for situations such as live television coverage or live interviews with public figures. For media interpreting, the interpreter is seated in a soundproof booth with all the equipment. It would be ideal if the interpreter can see the speakers.

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Written by Denyse Lum

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