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What languages does Elite Asia translate?    

Elite Asia specializes in translating South East and East Asian languages. We also cover most of the commonly used business languages in addition to uncommon ones through working with other specialist agencies.
We are especially skilled in translating to and from Asian languages for businesses that target specific audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Additionally, we have also established qualified teams of translators that can translate major Asian languages like, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Malayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Tamil, Vietnamese, Thai, Khmer and Tagalog.
When requesting a translation, it is important that you inform us about the country or ethnic group your company is planning to use the translated document for. There are, for example, significant differences in the Chinese spoken in Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. There are also differences between Malay in Malaysia and Malay in Brunei, as well as lingos used in different countries. However, if you are unsure of exactly what your requirements are, do not worry as we are here to help.

To contact us directly, please call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form.

Written by Denyse Lum

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