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What is the translators guide and why do we need it?    

If your business needs to translate your product information, documents, website content and carry out copywriting, the easiest way to deal with this problem would be to assign the task to a bilingual person in your department. However, a bilingual co-worker typically does not have enough time and skills to translate your content in a proper manner. This is where professional translators will come into play. When customers pass on the task of translating the documents to a translations company, the biggest problem will be whether the translator will be able to translate while retaining the essence and feeling of the original content to the reader. That is why we would require some guidelines for the translator from you to ensure that our translations meet your most pressing needs. Even though coming up with these guidelines may come across as tedious or time-consuming, we guarantee that they will bring you many benefits. By coming up with Style guides for the translators, you will be able to reap great returns from the time spent on the guides. Such a Style guide typically takes about 10 hours to build and can prevent errors in terms of tone and style which the translator might make if the Style guide was not provided. Secondly, these guidelines will allow us to translate your content while retaining the essence of your content.

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Written by Denyse Lum

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