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What is the most common kind of interpreting?    

The most common kind of interpreting is conference interpreting (also known as simultaneous interpreting) and business meeting interpreting (known as consecutive interpreting).
Conference interpreting can often be seen at international summits where interpreters work in a pair inside the sound proof booth with the aid of the interpreting equipment. It involves intense concentration on the part of the interpreter and demands that the interpreter is well-versed in both the source and target language, as they have to interpret the content in real time. To achieve high interpreting standards, intensive preparation is required even for experienced and qualified interpreters. Therefore, it is important for the event organizer to provide the interpreter with the speech or script for the day in advance.
Business interpreting requires interpreters with strong business etiquette, vast knowledge about the industry and years of experience in the corporate world to understand and convey not only the language but the real message and meaning for both parties. To a certain extent, the interpreter sometimes even needs to moderate the meeting to ensure that both parties carry out the discussion smoothly and that the objective of the discussion is achieved.

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Written by Denyse Lum

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