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What are the characteristics of a good interpreter?    

Firstly, the interpreter has to be familiar with the general concept and terms of the meeting or conference subject matter. If they are unfamiliar with these terms or relevant industry jargons, they would not be able to translate the content and concept promptly and accurately. The interpreter also has to know the cultural background of parties involved to avoid making negative connotations. A good interpreter should also carry himself/herself professionally with good business etiquette and interpersonal relationship skills. By hiring interpreters who fulfill these criteria, you can avoid errors caused by cultural differences. Having a vast vocabulary in both languages is also essential. In addition, interpreters should articulate one's thoughts clearly and accurately. Even if the interpreter can understand what the speaker has said, if he/she cannot deliver it to the audience clearly, it would be pointless. Besides these things, good notetaking skills and quick decision making skills are also crucial in facilitating the interpreting process.

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Written by Denyse Lum

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